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Licencing of Appliances/ Outdoor Furniture






Section 254 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended) 


A licence is required under section 254 of the Planning and Development
Act 2000 (as amended) in respect of the erection, construction, placing or maintaining


  1. A vending Machine 
  2. A town or landscape map for indicating directions or places 
  3. Hoarding, fence or scaffolding 
  4. Advertisement structure(other than advertisement structure specified in
    paragraph (dd))
    (dd) An advertisement structure (being of a finger post type not exceeding 1
    metre in length) consisting of a directional sign to indicate tourist
  5. Cable, wire or pipeline   including overground electronic communications infrastructure and any associated physical infrastructure
  6. Telephone kiosk or pedestal 
  7. Any other appliance or structure which may be prescribed as requiring a
    licence under this section on, under,over or along a public road


A licence under Section 254 is not required in respect of the following:-


  1. An appliance/apparatus/structure for which Planning Permission has been granted 
  2. A temporary hoarding/fencing/scaffolding erected in accordance with a condition of a planning permission
  3. The erection, construction, placing or maintenance of a cable/wire/pipeline by
    statutory undertaker which is under a public road


A licence may be granted for such period and upon such conditions as the
planning authority may specify, including conditions in relation to location and


It should be noted that the planning authority may, by notice in writing
withdraw the licence and require the licensee to remove the structure at
their own expense.