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Affordable Housing Survey 2024

Take part in our survey to help us determine the level of demand and need for an Affordable Housing Scheme in County Donegal.  The survey is open until 12th April 2024.

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Social Housing Options

Apply for local authority house, RAS, Long term leasing, Traveller Accomodation and other options.

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Donegal County Council Tenants

Council House maintenance, Rent Assessment, Tenant Purchase Scheme and Tenants Handbook.

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Housing Grants

Repairs, improvements to your home if you are an older person and adaptations to your home if you have a disability.

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Housing Loans

House Purchase/Construction Loan, Tenant Purchase Loan and other loan options.


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Land and Properties for Sale

Information on Donegal County Council houses available for sale.


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Repair and Leasing Scheme 

Information on the Repair and Leasing Scheme. 

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Social Housing Developments

Information on new social housing developments throughout the county.

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Land & Property

Expression of Interest:   Lands / Properties Suitable for Social Housing


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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded