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Unauthorised Development


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Unauthorised Development is development which is carried out without planning permission or is not being carried out in compliance with the planning permission which was granted. 

The Planning Authority is bound by legislation to investigate a written complaint in accordance with the Planning & Development Act 2000. It is also bound to act if the issue reported is not exempted development, vexatious, frivolous, without basis or statute barred.


Making a Complaint 

If you wish to report an unauthorised development you must fully complete and sign the  Unauthorised Complaints Form and email it to [email protected] . Anonymous complaints will not be dealt with.


A Guide to Planning Enforcement in Ireland

Getting Advice :




Exempted Development ‌


Exempted development is development that does not require planning permission, the purpose of which is to facilitate developments of a minor nature. However the development must fall within the exemption thresholds. If the development exceeds the thresholds, the development requires planning permission. 

Categories of exempted development and thresholds are set out in the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended)  and the Planning and Development Regulations (as amended).












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