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Planning Application Forms


All planning applications are to be sent directly to the Planning Dept., County House, Lifford.


Applications are not to be left in Public Services Centres or any other offices of Donegal County Council as this may cause a delay in the processing of the application. 



For helpful advice and information on all areas of Planning go to:




or as Gaelige to:





Declaration on Development and Exempted Development


Pre planning Application Form


Applying for Planning Permission‌

A Guide to Planning permission

Planning Application Form

Fee Addendum Form

Supplementary Planning Application Form

Application for Certificate of Exemption

Statutory Declaration for Section 97 Certification of Exemption‌

Sample Site Notice Further Information

Sample Newspaper Notice Further Information/Revised Plans

Planning Fees

Traffic & Transport Statement - TTS1

TTS 2 Form


Extension of Duration

Extension of Duration Form

EOD form 20+ houses



Miscellaneous Forms

Casual Trading Application Form

Application Form for Licence under section 254

Request for Compliance with Financial Conditions

Unauthorised Complaints Form

Section 57 application form

Events Licence Preliminary Risk Assessment

Application form for Licensing of Outdoor spaces

Application Form for reduction in water element of Development Contributions


Part V Application Form

Part V Cost Plan Template September 2021 -10%

P‌art V Cost Plan Template September 2021 -20%

Part V Guidelines for Developers September 2021

Take Over of Housing Estates Application Form

Take Over of Housing Estates Policy