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Development Contribution Scheme 2006–2007 - Briefing Notes

The following briefing notes should be read in conjunction with the Development Contribution Scheme 2006-2007.

1. Adoption of Scheme

The Scheme was adopted at a Special Meeting of the Council held on the 26th January 2006.


2. Effective Date:

The rate of new charges will become effective from the 1st March 2006. Therefore, any decisions granted on the 1st March 2006 or after will be imposed with the new rates of charges.


3. Types of Charges

Charges for residential developments are levied under 4 categories (water & sewer; roads & marine; economic, community, culture; urban & village renewal) based on floor area.

There is no distinction between charges for houses in rural areas as opposed to houses in urban areas.


4. Water & Sewer Charge
The breakdown on the water & sewer per class of development is as follows:

Floor Area Water Sewer
160m2 or less €1500 €100
160m2 – 200m2 €1500 €300
›200m2 €2,100 €300
Holiday Home/Apartment €2,700 €300
Holiday Home/Apartment (5 or more) €1,700 €300
Caravan/Mobile Home €800 _
Commercial per M2 €1.75 €1.75
Industry per M2 €1.75 €1.75
Warehousing/Storage €1.75 €1.75

  • A charge for sewer (either €100, €300 or €1.75 per m2) is applicable on all developments whether or not they are proposing to connect to a public sewer system.

  • Developments proposing to connect to a group water scheme taken in charge by the Council will be subject to the charge of €1500 or €2,100 (depending on floor area) OR original Group Scheme charge WHICH EVER IS GREATER. (Charges for Schemes taken over by the Council are set out in booklet circulated by W/E/E Service)

  • Developments proposing to connect to a group water scheme not taken in charge by the Council will not be liable for the €1500 or €2100 (depending on floor area) charge.
NB: Evidence that the developer has got permission to connect to the Group Water Scheme and has paid the relevant charge to the promoter of  the Scheme should be submitted as part of the planning application.

  • Developments which have their own private water supply will not have to pay the water element of the charges.

5. Roads & Marine

There is no breakdown between the roads and marine element of the charge.

Shortfall in car parking charges, (with exceptions below) will be charged at €1000 per space for the first four spaces and €2000 per space thereafter, e.g. if there is a shortfall of 6 spaces, the total charge due will be €8000.


  • Ballyshannon (within control points) – charge per space is €1,500

  • Donegal Town (within Donegal Town Local Area Plan 2005-2011) – charge per space is €4,000

6. Economic, Community, Cultural

  • There is no breakdown between the different elements of the charge

  • Charge is only applicable on residential developments.


7. Urban & Village Renewal Charge

  • There is no breakdown between the different elements of the charge

  • Charge is only applicable on residential developments.


8. Imposing Special Development Contributions

Please see paragraph 5 on page 5 of the Scheme.

Engineers completing reports on planning applications should highlight if a special development contribution is to be raised and shall have regard to number 8 above.


9. Service Connection Charges
Development contributions are additional to the normal service connection charges for water, sewer, road openings, etc.


10. Calculating Floor Area

The floor area of proposed development shall be calculated as the net floor area. This means the floor area determined from the internal dimensions of the proposed buildings including internal walls. In the case of hotels the floor area shall include the bedroom blocks.

The floor area of attic space used for storage only and bona fide domestic garage attached to a dwelling is to be excluded when calculating the relevant development contribution payable. 


Francie Coyle, Director of Services, Planning & Economic Development 22nd February 2006.



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