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The SPACEial NW Project

Putting data at the heart of decision making


The aim of the SPACEial NW Project

SPACEial NW stands for Spatial Planning Analysis and Collaborative Exchange of information and learning in the North West Region Cross Border Area. The overall aim of the SPACEial North West Project is to track changes in population patterns across different settlements in the North West Region Cross Border Area, (NWRCBA) over the 2000 –2010 period. This project will identify, capture and map key drivers of population change in the North West Region Cross Border Area, whilst also enhancing the skills and capacity of key policy and decision makers in using geographical information systems to plan and deliver services within the region.



Objectives of the Project of the project are:

  1. To identify changes in settlement patterns across urban and rural areas over the time period 2000 – 2010 and to determine the factors that caused these changes.
  2. To identify areas where funding would greatly assist in sustaining communities and alleviating poverty and deprivation.
  3. To map previous investment in the region by named stakeholders as a means of informing future funding decisions.
  4. To develop and map a comparable indicator set for each of the local authority areas in the North West Region Cross Border Area.
  5. To raise awareness of the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and data sharing in the development of cross border planning and policy development.
  6. To enable evidence based planning and policy development through the development of a web based data hub on a Cross Border Basis and equip decision makers with the skills and expertise required to interrogate this geographical information system.


Find statistics in three easy steps:

If you would like to access statistical information on population, heritage, planning, housing , education etc in  relation to different geographies (Towns, Electoral Divisions, Small Areas)please access our:

Snappy statistics finder at


View maps on your neighbourhood:

Some times it is easier to understand or profile your area by drawing a map and viewing statistics and trends across a range of different spatial scales.   This can help you to make important decisions on whether to set up or expand a business, on where to buy a house,  on where to send your children to school etc  This project will allow you to   produce  maps of your neighbourhood, town lands, small area or electoral divisions  by simply clicking on  our:

Map Viewer at



Learn more about our project:

To find out more about our project, we can be contacted in a number of ways.

Tweet  @SPACEialNW

Telephone + 00 353 (74) 91 53900

E-mail  [email protected]  or [email protected]


                  Loretta Mc Nicholas, Project Manager,

                  SPACEial NW Project, Donegal County Council, 

                  Lifford, County Donegal