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Exporting a Vehicle


What action has to be taken when exporting a vehicle


The Vehicle Registration Certificate is forwarded to the Department of Transport, Shannon, Co. Clare with an accompanying letter explaining that the vehicle is being exported.  


The Department of transport will issue a letter that can be given to the buyer of the vehicle for submission to the relevant Licensing Authority Abroad.


For a vehicle with a Registration Book or a Trailer Card, these documents can be forwarded to any of Motor Tax Area Offices in Donegal, who will issue a letter with all relevant details of the vehicle that can be given to the new owner.

Reimportation of exported vehicle


A Certificate of Vehicle Identity must be submitted along with an Export Certificate/Foreign Registration Documents and one on the following:


  • RF100 Form (if taxing the vehicle)
  • RF150 Form (if declaring Non-Use of the Vehicle, within 21 days of the date of importation)


The Certificate of Vehicle Identity must be verified, stamped and signed by a Main Dealer as per template hereunder.


Application Form Certificate of Vehicle Identity

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