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business news and events

Business News and Events

Remote working in Donegal


Remote Working in Donegal

Whether you're looking to advance your career, settle down with your family, or find the perfect work life balance, Donegal has everything you need to work remotely. 


reval 80x80


Information on the revaluation of all rateable properties in Donegal

 Local Enterprise Office 80 x 80


Local Enterprise Office

Dedicated smalll business resource promoting entrepreneurship

and new business start-ups

 Commercial Rates 80 x 80


Commercial Rates

Guidance for owners, occupiers and lessors

 Doing Business with the Council



Supplying Goods and Services, Tendering and Quotation Process

 business concierge service


Business Concierge Service 

Our Business Concierge Service is here to help you

navigate Council Services by answering your questions

and connecting you with our key personnel. ‌