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Funding For Your Group

This section provides information on possible sources for funding for your community based group:


Local Enhancement Programme 2024

The Local Enhancement Programme 2024, with a national fund of €6m, will provide capital supports essential for the many small community groups and organisations, particularly those who serve disadvantaged areas in rural and urban areas. The Local Enhancement Programme 2024 is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development. 


The Local Enhancement Programme 2024 will support not-for-profit community or voluntary groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas, based in Donegal to:

  • focus on small capital works/repairs/improvements, and the purchase of equipment for community use such as improved access for persons with a disability; enhancing community participation for disadvantaged and marginalised groups and improving energy efficiency of community facilities to reduce ongoing costs

Calls for applications have now closed


Development Fund Initiative

Funding for community projects supporting local economic, social, cultural, heritage or related activity.


Members Development Fund

A small, but flexible source of funding to assist groups in the development of locally based community projects and group activities.


Funding for Heritage Projects

Details of possible sources of funding for heritage initiatives.


LEADER/Rural Development Programme

Funding to support sustainable development of rural communities


CLÁR Funding 2024

The Department of Rural and Community Development has recently announced a new round of funding under the 2024 CLÁR Scheme which provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects for the benefit of communities in CLÁR areas.


Town and Village Renewal Scheme 2024

The Department of Rural and Community Development has recently announced the Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2024 Project Development Measure from towns and villages who may have a suitable project for consideration.


Minor Tourism Related Works Grant Scheme 2024

Donegal County Council is inviting community groups to apply for funding under the Minor Tourism Related Works Grant Scheme 2024. This scheme will fund works that will enhance tourism product offering in various locations in the county including for example signage, improved access to popular visitor sites and attractions such as waterfalls, heritage sites, historic graveyards*, scenic spots, picnic areas, beaches etc.


Community Recognition Fund

The Department of Rural and Community Development has announced the Community Recognition Fund 2024 which aims to support the development of community infrastructure and facilities in recognition of the contribution being made by communities in welcoming and hosting significant numbers of arrivals from Ukraine and other countries. The funding is specifically targeted at projects that are located in communities, towns and villages that are hosting the Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection and/or International Protection Applicants.  Details of this scheme including Application Forms are now available (select title link above). The deadline for receipt of applications is 3pm on Thursday, 18th July 2024.