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Stage 3- What do I need before I apply?

Applications for payment are made online.  


If you have received Confirmation of Grant Approval (Stage 2), you will know what amount you have been approved for under the scheme and how many staged payments you can avail of (broken down into interim  payments and one final payment).


Before applying for a payment, you will need to have copies (in .pdf format) of:

  • the inspection plan (as implemented)
  • separate, original and itemised invoice(s) including VAT in respect of engineer's fees for each of the following (as applicable):
    1. preparation of a remedial works plan;
    2. oversight/inspection and certification;
    3. appointment to a statutory health and safety role
  • the Stage 3 Grant Payment - Part B Engineers Declaration including the certification of works at this stage
  • original and itemised invoice(s) including VAT in respect of the works themselves
  • the Stage 3 Payment of Grant Form - Part C Contractors Declaration including the certification of works at this stage
  • photographic evidence clearly showing the works completed at this stage and to which the claim relates

An application for the final payment must be accompanied by a Certificate of Remediation.


Please note the following in relation to amounts that you may be eligible for:

  1. You will receive 90% of the approved cost or 90% of the actual costs of the qualifying works, whichever is the lesser and subject to maximum limits
  2. Your first payment (engineer's report preparation fees) will come out of the overall grant amount
  3. The final payment will be at least 25% of the overall approved cost
  4. You must declare to the Council if you, or a joint owner, have received or will receive insurance or compensation in connection with the use of defective blocks in the construction of your dwelling

Finally, it is a condition of the scheme that you and anyone engaged by you in respect of works must be tax compliant in order for you to receive a payment under this scheme. This will be checked for each application for payment. Further information may also be requested at any time to confirm ongoing compliance with the scheme as regards ownership, principal private residence, LPT etc. 


Your engineer should provide you with copies of the inspection plan (as implemented), original itemised invoice(s) and the Engineer’s Stage 3 Declaration which includes their statement of satisfactory completion of the works at this point. Your contractor needs to provide copies of their original itemised invoice(s) and the Contractor’s Stage 3 Declaration. Ask your engineer and contractor to provide these to you electronically, in PDF format.


Each application for payment needs to be accompanied by a new Engineer’s Stage 3 Declaration and a new Contractor’s Stage 3 Declaration. These documents include statements about works completed.



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