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Stage 2 - Grant Approval

Stage 2 is where you can apply for Grant Approval for a specific amount in respect of required remedial works, provided you have received Confirmation of Eligibility during Stage 1.


If you pass this stage, the Council will issue you with Confirmation of Grant Approval in writing setting out the specific amount you have been approved for.


Please note:

You must declare to the Council if you, or a joint owner, have received or will receive any insurance or compensation arising out of the use of defective blocks in the construction of your dwelling.



  • You then need to engage an Engineer from the I.S. 465 register ( It can be the same Engineer who carried out the initial assessment, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Your Engineer will firstly develop a Remedial Works Plan, detailing the works needed for your dwelling
  • He / she will also provide professional advice, ensure health & safety, supervise the remedial works during construction and provide certification on completion.
  • Again, you should get a few quotes to ensure value for money, and agree the price with whichever Engineer you select prior to appointment.


  • Seek quotations from contractors based on the Remedial Works Plan
  • Select your preferred contractor
  • Apply for Grant Approval
  • On receipt of Confirmation of Grant Approval (in writing), you can proceed to appoint your contractor.



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