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In this section we introduce to you some of the services provided by Donegal County Council and the people providing these services. 



George McDermott 90x90

Buncrana gardener planting seeds for the future

The colourful plantings that line approach roads to the town of Buncrana or burst from large containers throughout the town not only brighten the townscape but play an environmental role. Read more ...

 Jamie Corry Peadar Espey 90 x 90


New bye-laws aim to make roads a safer place

Jamie Corry & Peadar Espey talk to us about new speed limit bye-laws which aim to make our roads safer and which have been introduced to 30 housing estates in Donegal this month. Read more ...


 Garry Martin 90 x 90

Getting ready for Budget 2016 

Donegal County Council’s annual Budget meeting is one of the most crucial the authority holds each year. Its decisions determine the level and extent of services that the Council is going to provide over the next 12 months.  Read more ...

 Kathleen Browne 90 x 90


Making sure your reception is a very civic one

Donegal County Council’s Archives Service’s reputation for high quality themed study packs for students and teachers has grown since the service published its first pack, in 2006.  Read more ...


 ‌Niamh Brennan 90 x 90


Donegal’s Archives have a ‘pack’ of information for you!

Donegal County Council’s Archives Service’s reputation for high quality themed study packs for students and teachers has grown since the service published its first pack, in 2006.  Read more ...


 Stephen McCrory 90 x 90


Bridging the County with Stephen McCrory

“Donegal has around 2500 bridges,” says Stephen McCrory from Donegal County Council’s Road Design Bridges Team. “But many more if you include all the small arches, pipes and culverts,” he adds.  Read more ...


 ‌Donegal Diaspora Conference 2015 90 x 90


Looking beyond our shores to enhance what we have at home

Donegal County Council is continuously looking for ways to promote this county and its people and in ways that are both complementary to its natural resources and the strengths and skills of its people.  Read more ...


 Peadar Thomas 90 x 90


Over four decades with Donegal County Council

Peadar Thomas is no stranger to our highways and byways but just last week his journey with Donegal County Council came to an end as he retired after 42 years with the local authority.  Read more ...


 ‌Michael O hEanaigh 90 x 90


Getting ready for the 100th anniversary of Easter 1916

It may still be just under a year away but Donegal County Council is already preparing plans to mark the historic 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.  Michael O hEanaigh Local Co-ordinator tells us about local plans to honour and remember those who fought and those who died in the 1916 Rising, to reflect on the legacy of that period and to look towards our future.  Read more ...


 Martin Roarty 90 x 90


Council continues to fight against litter and illegal dumping

Martin Roarty Litter Warden in the Letterkenny Municipal District talks about the Councils fight against litter and illegal dumping and acknowledges the great work being done by people all over the county in their efforts to keep Donegal litter free.  Read more ...


 Regional Cultural Centre 90 x 90


Busy time ahead for Regional Cultural Centre

The Regional Cultural Centre (RCC) in Letterkenny is one a number of great cultural and leisure facilities developed by Donegal County Council. It is operated as part of the council's Cultural Services that also includes libraries, museum, archives and the arts office.  Read more ...


Fanad Lighthouse 90x90


Donegal – a world class tourism destination

Donegal is famous for it’s outstanding natural beauty - the rugged sea cliffs, craggy peninsulas, remote Gaeltacht communities, sheep-studded pastures, icy streams and of course that unmistakeable wouldn’t get it anywhere else in the world Donegal charm! Read more


President Higgins Presents award to Senator Murray 90x90

President of Ireland presents Massachusetts president with Tip O’Neill Irish Diaspora award 

It was a busy week in Donegal last week as Senator Therese Murray President of the Massachusetts Senate received the Tip O’Neill Irish Diaspora award from the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins. Read more

Ciara 90x90


Zinio – Never Miss an Edition of your Favorite Glossy Magazine Again!

Are you dying to get your fix of celebrity gossip or to find out what the latest investment strategies are in the Economist? But you just can’t face that dreaded walk to the shop to pick up your weekly magazine edition. Well now you dont have to. Read more 


Sean O Daimhin 90x90

The Irish Language - A Part of Who we Are!

There is no better way to help a language thrive than to just speak it and given that we have just celebrated National Heritage Week, perhaps this is the opportunity to discuss the linguistic heritage of our own language. Read more


 The Food Coast - Growing the Food Sector in Donegal

Donegal is steeped in talent within the food sector and it has the added benefit of being home to some of the best produce the country has to offer. And it’s about time we took advantage - Read more


The Power of Mapping - What is GIS? 

A GIS, Geographic Information System is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. For anyone who found that just a little bit confusing don’t give up reading just yet - Read More

Launch of County Donegal Heritage Week Event Guide 2014


Heritage Week – a celebration of our history, culture and nature

A number of local events are being planned in Donegal this month as we get ready for National Heritage Week. National Heritage Week is a celebration of our history, culture and nature, while promoting the need to preserve our local heritage. Read more


Donna Quinn 90x90

Every Summer has a story - Summer Reading Programme

Did you know that summer reading loss can average two months reading achievement each year, which some children may never regain. Summer reading programmes are themed reading schemes for children, which run in libraries across the county in July and August. Read more

Martin Burke 90x90


Beach Littering – It’ll Cost you

Its not a pretty picture is it, you’re at your favourite beach, wiggling your toes in the sand and suddenly you cut your toe on a piece of glass. Read more


Brian O´Donnell

Keeping Road Safety on the Radar

2013 saw an increase in the number of people killed and injured on Donegal roads and this, according to Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer with Donegal County Council, is why there is no room for complacency when it comes to road safety. Read more

Local Enterprise Office do for Your Business


What can the Local Enterprise Office do for Your Business?

Are you running a business in County Donegal or are you thinking of starting a new business? Then look no further than the Local Enterprise Office. Read more


Vincent Callaghan Roads Services Supervisor for Donegal County Council

Donegal 2014 Roadwork’s Programme

A number of roadwork’s programmes have been approved by Donegal County Council and are currently underway for our roads network but how does the council decide which roads need maintained? Read more

Earagail Arts Festival Programme


Earagail Arts Festival – That’s 2 Weeks of Summer Sorted

Donegal’s largest arts festival the Earagail Arts is a bilingual (Irish and English language), multidisciplinary arts festival which takes place every July throughout North and West County Donegal on the North West Atlantic seaboard of Ireland. Read more


Eileen Kelly

Calling the Council – Who Answers Your Call?

Eileen Kelly has been working in Donegal County Council for the last 13 years and in the Council’s Contact Centre since it was set up in 2012. She is one of a team of people who are the first point of contact when you call the Council. Read more


Community Involvement Schemes in Donegal

Council awarded almost €1.25m funding for Community Involvement Schemes in Donegal

Donegal County Council has received word that they have been allocated almost €1.25million as a grant towards assisting communities to repair and improve roads within the county under the 2014 community involvement scheme. Read more


Caroline Carr the Assistant Curator of Donegal County Museum


Celebrating Over a Century of Local Government

With the local elections fast approaching, reflections have turned to the town councils, which were a cornerstone of local government for over a century. Read more


Council host Donegal / Massachussets Economic & Enterprise Development Seminar

Council host Donegal / Massachussets Economic & Enterprise Development Seminar

“We need to promote what we are great at and everyone I know wants to live in Donegal” says Jon Mahoney of the Boston Irish Business Association. Read more

Frances Crampsie 90x90

Bealtaine Festival – Now One of Irelands Biggest Art Events

Frances Crampsie has worked in Donegal County Council for the past 17 years, she explains what the Bealtaine festival is and how heavily invested Donegal County Council has been in what is now known as one of Ireland’s biggest events. Read more

Dog shelter 90x90

A Dog is a Friend For Life If You Treat Them Right!

Dogs have been dubbed mans best friend since the beginning of time, but what happens when we do the unthinkable and neglect to look after our furry companions? Read more

Hugh Alexander

Know how your drinking water is produced

Hugh Alexander the Senior Service Supervisor for the Lough Mourne water network explains the science behind our fresh water supply. Read more

Helen McNutt

Europe Direct – A Step in the Right Direction 

Executive Librarian and manager of the Europe Direct Information Centre for Donegal & Gaeltacht, Helen Mc Nutt tells us everything we need to know and more.  Read more

Joseph McTaggart, Acting Chief Fire Officer

Putting out fires in Donegal

Acting Chief Fire Officer for Donegal Joseph Mc Taggart, talks about life in the Fire Service and the dangers of gorse fire season.  Read more

Donegal in the big Screen!

“Donegal is making a name as one of the best places to shoot a film in Ireland” says Aideen Doherty who manages the Donegal Film Office which is based in Donegal County Council. Read more

Students visiting the “How We Remember” exhibition with Judith Mc Carthy, Students with Judith Mc Carthy, Museum Donegal County

For the Love of History

Judith Mc Carthy a native of Cavan and Curator of the Donegal County Museum, talks about her love of history and her love of Donegal. Read more

Lynda Gives Us the Low-Down!

Lynda Mc Gavigan area manager for housing and corporate services for Donegal County Council tells us all we need to know about the Councils housing services. Read more

Rory Gallagher talks about the life of a librarian in Donegal

Donegal County Council assistant librarian and a native from Sligo, Rory Gallagher explains the ins and outs of his job and more. Read more

Suzanne says Reuse that Rubbish

Suzanne Bogan, Environmental Awareness officer for Donegal County Council talks rubbish and how to reuse it. Read more

Kevin says you’ve Visited the Rest now Visit the Best

Donegal County Council tourism officer and a native from Derry, Kevin O’Connor explains how Donegal is paving the way as one of Irelands top tourist destinations and how he personally thinks Donegal has it all. Read more

It’s a Dirty Job and Brian’s got to do it, Litter warden for Donegal County Council Brian Mc Brearty

It’s a Dirty Job and Brian’s got to do it!

Illegal dumping has been a consistent problem in Ireland for years but what is it doing to our beautiful emerald county? And how can we stop it? Litter warden for Donegal County Council Brian Mc Brearty tells us. Read more

Want your say Register to Vote today!

To vote or not to vote is the question many people ask themselves when the elections come rolling around again, and cries of it ‘feels like yesterday’ can be heard echoing throughout the country. Read more

All the Gritty Details!

One of the men behind Donegal County Councils all important winter maintenance Brian Burke, ‘grits’ to the point and explains that contrary to popular belief it’s not just about throwing salt on the roads. Read more



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