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28/02/2014 - The Library Big Spring - Donegal Library Fines Amnesty



They lurk at the back of shelves in hundreds of homes- forgotten by guilty borrowers!  So why not blow away the cobwebs with a good spring clean?


From Saturday the 1st to Monday the 31st of March Donegal libraries will launch a one month amnesty for everyone who has forgotten to return their library books.


We hope by waiving fines, it will encourage readers who feel embarrassed by their oversight to rediscover the pleasures in their local library, which include free access to books, online resources and weekly activities.  


This is our first ever county-wide fines amnesty and it applies to all Donegal libraries.  The public can return any overdue book, CD or DVD to any of our 13 libraries without any fear of fines.


To celebrate fines amnesty month we are holding a competition for the ‘best excuse’ for a late book!  So get your best story to us at your local library or forward it to Facebook or Twitter at Donegal County Library.


For more information why not visit or contact your local library.


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