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Well Grant

Individual Well Grant


What is a Well Grant?

It is a grant funded by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and administered by Donegal County Council. the objective of the Grant Scheme is to assist households dependent on private individual water supplies to improve a serious deficient supply either by drilling a new well or installing a new pump on an existing well.


There are 3 basic criteria of eligibilty for the grant:


  1. The house is occupied by the applicant as his or her normal place of residence and,
  2. The house is not connected to, and cannot reasonably be connected to, Irish Water or a Group Water Scheme and,
  3. The house has been fully constructed for more than 7 years.


How do I apply for a Well Grant?

Complete and return Application form called Grant for the Provision of Necessary Improvement of an Individual Water Supply to a House PWS1a Well Grant Application. Please read the Terms and Conditions Well Grant ‌which accompany this grant.


How much of a Well Grant can I receive?

  • The grant payable for rehabilitation works is 85% of approved costs subject to a maximum of 3,000 euro.
  • the grant payable for the provision of a new well is 85% of approved costs subject to maximum of 5,000 euro, where the local authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution.
  • In recognising the role of the grant in improving water quality, the water quality treatment element (typically filtration and Ultra Violet Treatment) qualifies for 100% funding up to a maximum of 1,000 euro. This can be claimed on its own or in addition to either the grant for rehabilitation works or the grant for a new well.
  • The minimum grant threshold is 750.00.


Who can test the Water Quality of my well supply?

Currently due to the situation with the ongoing pandemic  HSE Water Testing Facilities are curtailed until further notice. Contact your local Rural Water Section of Donegal County Council at 074 91 72 284 for further advice.


Further Information relating to the Well Grant Scheme can be found on the Department of Housing Website together with the Department's Privacy Notice.


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