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Rural Water Programme


Rural Water Programme

There are over 600 existing Group Water Supply Schemes in the county, of which 141 serve in excess of 50 persons. Responsibility for Group water schemes was devolved from the Department of Environment and Local Government to the local authority in 1997. Since then, all applications for new schemes or for upgrading of existing schemes, and for subsidies for maintenance and operating costs, are processed through the Water Services Department, and funded through allocations from the DoELG.


The primary challenge faced by all parties involved in rural water supplies in Ireland is to ensure that the quality of the water supplied to consumers complies with the EU Directive on Drinking Water Standards.


NFGWS advice to group water schemes in light of the continuing spread of COVID-1

Advice on Private Water Scheme Protection





Group Water Scheme Subsidy 2021


Rural Water Multi-Annual Programme 2019 - 2021 


Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme 


Contact Us


Rural Water Liaison Officer

Donegal County Council

County House




Tel: 074 91 53900

Email: [email protected]
















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