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Donegal Town One-Way System

It is proposed to introduce a One-Way System onto Tirchonaill Street, Castle Street, Water Street and New Row within Donegal Town to improve traffic flow, safety for pedestrians and vulnerable road users and also to create additional on-street parking.

The project will include:

  • Designate Tirchonaill Street one-way from the junction with New Row to the Bridge Street junction with traffic flowing towards The Diamond.
  • Designate Castle Street one-way with traffic flowing from Water Street towards Tirchonaill Street.
  • Designate Water Street one-way with traffic flowing from Main Street towards New Row.
  • Designate New Row from Water Street Bridge to the junction with Tirchonaill Street one-way with traffic flowing from Water Street Bridge towards Tirchonaill Street.
  • Provision for a mini roundabout at New Row/Tirchonail Street/ Drumrooske Road Junction.
  • Provision of additional on street parking on Tirchonaill Street, Water Street & New Row.
  • New public street lighting on Tirchonaill Street between Castle Street and Bridge Street.
  • New road markings, signage, drainage works, landscaping, and accommodation works.
  • New road layout with kerbing for new footpaths to be built in accordance with DMURS & TII Standards.
  • The one-way systems will be carried out in accordance with Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994.


NOTE: Due to Covid 19 restrictions currently in place, viewing of the plans and particulars for this proposed development will only be available for inspection or download via the links below.


Alternatively you can contact our Customer Service Centre on (074)91 53900 to find out more about the Proposed Works.


The proposals will be available for inspection from 9am Monday 25th May 2020 to 5pm Tuesday 23rd June 2020.


Submissions and observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and development of the area in which the development is situated may be made in writing to: The Co. Secretariat Office, Donegal County Council, Lifford, County Donegal, before 4.00pm on Wednesday 8th July 2020.


Note that in accordance with Article 120(1)(b)(i) of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) Donegal County Council has concluded, based on a preliminary examination of the nature, size and location of the development, that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required.

Please mark the front of the envelope with the project name as per the above schedule


Donegal Town One-Way Part 8 Report

Donegal Town One-Way App B Drawings

Donegal Town One-Way EIA Pre-screen Prel Exam

Donegal Town One-Way Article 6 Screening Report

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