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How can I view an old Planning file


Old planning files are held in archives and also at a few locations throughout the county. Archived planning files can be requested using the attached File Retrieval Form along with the appropriate fee (€30.00 per file). Once the file has been retrieved the requestor will be notified and they will be advised when the file can be viewed. The file will be held at County House Lifford for a period of one week and will thereafter be returned to the storage area.


Please see here for revised protocols for viewing files arising from Covid 19


If you do not have a reference number to hand, it will be necessary to carry out a map register search to identify same. Please therefore complete the attached form, and submit same with a map showing the property outlined in red  OS 6" or 1:2500 only acceptable, Land Registry maps are not acceptable as they are insufficiently detailed to enable identification of a property. The fee for a map search is  €35.00 and must accompany the application  

Map Register Search Form


In some cases solicitors require a full planning search, the fee for this is €100.00 and the Planning Search Form  must be completed‌‌‌


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