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Development Contributions - Waiver Scheme

Temporary time limited Development Contribution Waiver Scheme


On 25 April 2023, the Government introduced temporary time-limited arrangements for the waiving of Local Authority “section 48” development contributions and the refunding of Uisce Eireann water and wastewater connection charges.


The Temporary Development Contribution Waiver Scheme applies for 1 year to all permitted residential development that commences on site between 25 April 2023 and 31 December 2024, and is completed not later than 31 December 2026.



Eligible /Non Eligible Properties


The waiver applies only to residential units in a planning permission that are commenced and completed in accordance with the provisions of the scheme. The waiver scheme will apply to all permitted residential development including multiunit developments, self-build houses and one-off rural houses, student accommodation and sheltered housing.


For larger developments, this may mean that only certain phases of development will be eligible for the scheme and that phases of a scheme with a longer delivery timeline will not.


The scheme does not apply to domestic extensions, renovations or refurbishments of existing dwellings, changes of use, ‘granny flats’, nursing homes, hotels, hostels or aparthotels. In the context of mixed-use developments, the waiver applies only to the residential element of the development.


Residential extensions or the refurbishment of existing vacant/derelict properties are not included under the waiver scheme.



Operation and administration of the Waiver Scheme

In accordance with the Building Control Regulations, you are obliged to submit a commencement notice prior to the commencement of development.  Notice of commencement must be completed online at


On receipt of a valid commencement notice an application form for the waiver may issue to the applicant with the development charge invoice.


Temporary Time Limited Waiver Application Form



The applicant to arrange to fully complete, sign and return the form to the Planning Department, by email preferably, to [email protected] within 7 days.


If the application under the scheme is deemed to meet the Waiver scheme criteria, there will be a further declaration (Form of Undertaking) issued to the applicant for completion & return within 2 weeks so that the necessary conditioned compliance documentation can be issued.


N.B All monies waived shall be repayable if the terms of the waiver scheme are not complied with.


Donegal County Council are authorised to carry out inspections in early 2027 to verify that the build work has been completed.


All other conditions attached to a planning permission will still need to be fulfilled by a developer.


If you have any queries on this matter, please contact the Planning  Development Contribution Unit on 07491 53900 or by email [email protected]