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Expression of Interest: Land & Property

Expression of Interest; Lands / Properties Suitable for Social Housing


Donegal County Council invites expressions of interest from land and property owners for parcels of land, derelict sites and existing buildings in town and village centres throughout the county which they would be willing to sell for social housing purposes. Green and brown field sites will be considered as will derelict, vacant or underused lands and properties in town/village centre locations.


The sites / properties should ideally be located in close proximity to sustainable communities and within walking distance of schools, shops, community & recreational facilities, restaurants and other facilities.  Lands being offered for sale should be suitably zoned i.e. suitable for immediate residential development, serviceable, and directly accessible from the public road. The sites should generally be level or have gentle slopes. Contaminated ground, and sites prone to flooding will not be considered. 


An expression of interest should be submitted to the address / email address listed below and must contain the following information:


  1. Land / property owner contact details including name, address, phone number and email address
  2. Site location map showing the boundary of the lands / property
  3. Proof of land / property ownership by vendor (i.e. copy of folio)
  4. Confirmation of acreage for land or
  5. Confirmation of property size for properties
  6. Details of current land zoning as per the pertaining Local Area / County Development Plan
  7. Copy of relevant planning permission, if applicable
  8. Price


Queries and Expressions of interest should be submitted to:


Housing Capital Section                                                                                        Or by email to:

Donegal County Council                                                                                       [email protected]

The Three Rivers Centre


Co. Donegal

F93 PN3H


Donegal County Council will review submissions and engage with property owners, as necessary.  Donegal County Council is not obliged to accept any expression of interest received under this process.  Acquisitions shall be subject to; negotiation, independent valuation, value for money, funding availability, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government approval and Contract.


Donegal County Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014.