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Fire Safety - Working from home

Keep your Home Fire Safe


Fire Safety Advice when working from home.


Escape Plan

  • Identify, Plan and Practice Escape Routes
  • Close all Doors at Night to Reduce Fire and Smoke Spread


Electrical Devices

  • Use Only CE Marked Charging Devices Switch Off and Unplug After Use
  • Do not Overload Sockets


Smoke Alarm

  • Working Smoke Alarms in Place Weekly Check


Open Fires & Stoves

  • Appropriate Lighting Fuels Put up Fireguard
  • Ashes Cooled Before Disposal Ashes not Placed in Plastic Bins



  • Appropriate Holder on Heat Resistant Surface Never Leave Un-attended
  • Extinguish Before Going to Bed



Flammable Liquids

  • Keep Away from Heat Sources
  • Store in a Safe Location a Safe Location Away from Children
  • Do Not Use as a Lighter Fuel for the Fire



  •  Have Sufficient and Proper Ashtrays Fully Extinguish and dispose of Safely Don’t smoke in Bed

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