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End of Life Vehicles

The end of the road for unauthorised operators!


A number of cases have been brought before the courts for breaches of the Waste Management Act where the accused was involved in ‘breaking cars’, in the absence of authorisation.  These sites are known as unauthorised end of life vehicle sites (ELV sites) or some might call them ‘scrap yards’,


Two such cases taken through the court system in Donegal recently resulted in convictions, fines and costs awarded to Donegal County Council. The accused were also responsible for removing all waste from the lands in question.


It is important to note that when cars are dismantled/ broken up there are a number of waste streams created including hazardous waste for example oil filters, explosive components (for example air bags), brake pads containing asbestos, brake fluids and antifreeze fluids containing hazardous substances.


Authorised end of life vehicle facilities will have a ‘waste facility permit’ and Planning Permission. They have infrastructure and procedures in place so that the risk of environmental pollution is minimised as a result of the dismantling and storage of old vehicle.


Unauthorised waste activity has the potential to cause serious environmental pollution, impact negatively on the waste industry and create public health issues. 


Those found to be operating ‘unauthorised ELV sites’ will be subject to enforcement actions.


 If you are disposing of an end of life vehicle, ensure you use an ‘authorised waste facility’ and that you are provided with a Certificate Of Destruction (COD) to show lawful disposal or alternatively ensure that your waste collector holds a Valid Waste Collection Permit.  


If your vehicle is found at an unauthorised site you too could be subject to enforcement actions.


 ‌‌End of life vehicles


Vehicle Owner Obligations


If you own a vehicle and you intend to discard that vehicle as waste, you are required to deposit that vehicle at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and recovery.


Contact Donegal County Council for a list of authorised treatment facilities


Producer Obligations


The Waste Management (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2006 place obligations on producers - vehicle manufacturers and professional importers :


  • to establish national collection systems for the recovery and treatment of end-of-life vehicles.  Owners of intact end-of-life cars and vans can deposit them free-of-charge at authorised treatment facilities



  • each producer's national collection system is required to have at least one authorised treatment facility in every city and county council area that will provide free take-back for vehicles of that producer's brand or for which that producer has responsibility.  



  • each producer is required to register with each local authority and to provide specified information to the local authorities to accompany their registration.  





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