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Stage 3 - How do I get paid?

Applications for Payment are made online and the Council will pay you by electronic transfer, into the bank account you nominate.


Instructions on supplying your bank details will be contained in your Confirmation of Eligibility letter if you are eligible at Stage 1 and you will be invited to submit your bank details (BIC and IBAN) and to upload a bank header as proof of the account.


Please note the following as regards the bank account proof:

a)  It must be in pdf format
b)  The statement must be dated within the last 3 months
c)  The BIC, IBAN, account name and address must all be clearly visible 
d) The account name must match the applicant and the address must match what we have on file (a joint account is acceptable so long as the applicant's name is on it)
e) The BIC and IBAN must match the BIC and IBAN entered online







Further payments will depend on getting Confirmation of Grant Approval at Stage 2. With your Confirmation of Grant Approval, we will tell you how much of a grant you can receive and over how many staged payments. Your first payment will have already been issued in respect of approved costs for preparation of the engineer's report submitted at Stage 1. The last payment will always be a minimum of 15% of the overall grant amount and will require the Certificate of Remediation to be supplied.





If you have received Confirmation of Eligibility at Stage 1, you will be able to log into the system to provide details of the bank account you wish to have your first claim payment paid into. This payment will be for 90% of the amount you were approved for in respect of the fees for the engineer’s report at Stage 1.


In your letter of Confirmation of Grant Approval, we will tell you what your approved grant amount is, and the number of grant payments allowed as well as when and how to claim them. Please log back in to tell tell us when your works are starting so there are no delays for your payment schedule.
We will let you know when you can apply for your next payment. Please have the information and documents ready, for uploading online. Ask your engineer and contractor to supply them to you electronically (in PDF format). Once you have submitted your application for Grant Payment, it will be assessed. If approved, the Council will arrange payment directly into your nominated bank account as soon as possible and subject to the money being available.


No, your letter of Confirmation of Grant Approval will tell you the number of payments allowed and when and how to claim them. We will let you know when you can apply for your next payment.


This means the Council cannot pay more than 85% of the approved cost before the final payment claim. The final payment claim can only be made when all works are completed and you have received a Certificate of Remediation from your engineer and contractor.


Yes, every application for payment must include a statement of satisfactory completion of works and for a final payment, a Certificate of Remediation is required.


Yes, you must claim grant payment no later than 12 months after the signing of the Certificate of Remediation (i.e. after satisfactory completion of all works)


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