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Stage 1 - Confirmation of Eligibility


Stage 1 is when you:


1. Engage a competent engineer from the IS465 Register, to help and advise you. The list of competent engineers can be found at: (
2. Gather required documentation and apply for Confirmation of Eligibility under the scheme.


If you pass this stage, it means that you have proven that:

a)      the dwelling is located within the Donegal County Council administrative area and

b)      you own the dwelling and

c)      the construction of the dwelling was completed prior to the 31/01/2020 and

d)      the dwelling is your principal private residence* and

e)      the concrete blocks in the dwelling have been damaged due to Mica/Pyrite and

f)      all tax affairs are in order and

g)      no remedial works have been started or completed




the Council will issue you with a Confirmation of Eligibility in writing.

* You will be required to confirm that you intend to reside in the relevant dwelling as your principal private residence following completion of the works.


Yes. In order to qualify you must be the registered owner of the dwelling as at the date of coming into effect of the regulations and it must also be your principal private residence. Rented dwellings or holiday homes do not qualify under the scheme.


No since you do not own the house. If you are a Council tenant, you can contact the Housing department in your nearest Council office by calling 074-9153900 or by email to [email protected] (please provide your address).


No, you cannot get a grant payment for any work you have already carried out.


We will ask you for bank details to arrange to pay you for the engineer's report as outlined in your letter, provided you had uploaded the invoice(s). You can also start applying for Grant Approval (Stage 2).



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