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Taking Care of our Physical and Mental Wellbeing in Donegal.

COVID-19 is a major public health emergency here in Ireland and around the world and is having a big impact on our lives. Everyone has made a huge effort to stop the spread of the virus and to save lives. Thank You!

To help us all get through this difficult time, it’s important that we take care of everyone in our community – and also look after our own physical and mental wellbeing.

That’s why Nati onal & local Government as well as our voluntary and community sectors have been working together on a wide range of wellbeing initiatives to help you in three ways:


To help you look aft er your mental wellbeing
With day-to-day coping advice from Healthy Ireland, lots of creative things to do like gardening, cooking, play for children, special supports for young people and their parents, and lots more.


To help you stay active
With in-home exercise ideas from sporting organisations and athletes, healthy eating advice and guidance on how to enjoy the outdoors.


To help you stay connected
With online libraries, cultural tours, galleries and book clubs, tips on helping in your own community, online workshops and online supports for learners of all ages to help us stay connected.


Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny

Daily creative challenges using
whatever you have to hand with

Join the Facebook group taking families

by storm.


Donegal County Library

Your local library is about books and

much more.
Come visit us online and discover
the e-newspapers, e-audiobooks and


Genealogy booklet launch

Discover your past this summer with

the new Donegal Culture Division

genealogy booklet launching online

this May.


Donegal County Archives

How well do you know the older

generation? Find out more about

their childhood with a phone call and

Donegal Archives.


Physical Activity / Movement

Support programme in Donegal for

people cocooning at home who may

not have access to online supports.



Social Prescribing

Online Mental Health Course available

in Milford / FanadAreas to help cope

with Anxiety & Stress during the crisis

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