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The PEACEPLUS Consultation Process

Donegal County Council’s new PEACEPLUS Action Plan 2022- 2027 : Schedule of Public Consultations


Donegal County Council is coordinating a consultation process with the wider community to develop a  PEACEPLUS Local Community Action Plan for Donegal. The Plan, informed by a local community engagement process, ‌will enable and empower communities to assist in the development of priority projects and programmes for Donegal under the PEACEPLUS Programme, which will result in shared and inclusive local services, facilities and spaces; and make a significant and lasting contribution to peace and reconciliation.



Stage 3 Public Consultation Process


Stage 1&2 of the consultation process is now complete. This included a number of public and online events taking place across each Municipal District from February to June 2023, alongside an online survey, and the publication of an Indicative Report.


The aim of Stage 1 engagement process was to identify needs, gaps, and strategic opportunities by developing concept ideas to feed into the formulation of a co-designed action plan for Donegal. Prioritising where delivery may have most impact, and where peace building, transformation and cultural diversity needs may be greatest.


Stage 2 invited you to further engage by taking part in information sessions. These events presented the findings of Stage 1 and provided the opportunity to further input by submitting Concept Forms to formally gather ideas relevant to this programme and assist the Partnership in creating a list of project ideas that might fit with the funding opportunity under PEACEPLUS Theme 1.1.


The co-design process to date has included:


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Following the completion of Stage 1 & 2, we are now commencing the final Stage 3 Public Consultation Events, to submit an application to SEUPB by a closing date of 14th December 2023.


We will continue to work with all stakeholders in identifying  projects to be included in the submission to SEUPB. We would like to invite you to participate in the final round of workshops to finalise the development around projects on a thematic basis. Stage 3 workshops will discuss the final steps of co-design for Themes Two and Three; and for Theme One provide information on the submission process including criteria.


Final PEACEPLUS Stage 3 Consultation Event: Wednesday 11th October 2023 12pm-4.30pm, at Letterkenny Public Service Centre.


The final PEACEPLUS workshop will take place on Wednesday 11th October, at Letterkenny Public Service Centre. This event follows on from previous Stage 3 workshops in each Municipal District which presented the findings of the returned concept forms and survey.


At this upcoming event, a final outline of projects co designed with the community for themes 2 and 3 will be presented, followed by discussions to refine project designs. This engagement has been essential in formulating a co-designed Plan for Donegal in order  to submit a bid of around €7.6 million to the SEUPB (Special EU Programmes Funding Body).  These potential projects will aim to make a significant difference to cross-community engagement, peace and reconciliation and work toward creating a cohesive society within Donegal.






Theme Two

Larger and smaller projects


Theme Three

Larger and smaller projects



Download stage one Indicative Report & Stage 3 Presentations 


PEACEPLUS Plan Indicative Report Stage 1





PEACEPLUS Stage 3 :Theme 1 Presentation

PEACEPLUS Stage 3 Themes 2 & 3 Presentation


Key Document & Guide Theme 1 : Local Community Regeneration & Transformation

DCC PEACEPLUS theme 1 Application Form

DCC Capital Projects Selection Criteria

 Please read the PEACEPLUS background and briefing at relevant websites including SEUPB and Donegal County Council.


PEACEPLUS Survey Closed 

An online survey is now available to allow you to have your say or share your views on the development of Donegal’s Local PEACEPLUS Action Plan. This ensures that it reflects the needs and aspirations of individual citizens, local businesses, community and voluntary organisations and other key stakeholders within the County.

 Click here to complete the survey (Closed)


It will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.


Email: [email protected] or Tel: 07491 53900 for further information.


See the Council's website for updates:


Donegal County Council wishes to thank all those who contribute to this consultation Process, your input is invaluable to the development of the PEACEPLUS Action Plan for Donegal.


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 ‌‌‌This project will be funded by the European Union’s PEACEPLUS Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.