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Donegal’s PEACEPLUS Partnership


As part of the PEACEPLUS Programme there is a requirement to establish a PEACEPLUS Partnership in each Local Authority Area.  Donegal County Councill established a PEACEPLUS Partnership as a sub-structure of the Local Community Development Committee as was the position under Peace IV. The principal role of this Committee is to oversee the design and implementation of a co-designed process in the County which will be used to inform the development of an overarching PEACEPLUS Action Plan.


The Local Community Development Committee agreed the establishment of the PEACEPLUS Partnership (28 members) from the following sectors as detailed below:


 PEACEPLUS Partnership Membership




The Partnership comprises of the Following:

  • 5 Elected Members from each Municipal Districts and the Chief Executive or his nominee (Pillar 1)(6)
  • 5 nominated public sector representatives (Pillar 2)(5)
  • 7 social partners representing the different geographies of our area (e.g., Municipal Districts area or county wide)(Pillar 3)(7)
  • 10 social partners representing PEACEPLUS and other social inclusion Target Groups (Pillar 4)(10).


The formulation of the Co- Design Action Plan for Donegal will enable and empower local community partnerships, to select and deliver priority projects on a cross-community basis which will result in shared and inclusive local services, facilities and spaces and will make a significant and lasting contribution to peace and reconciliation.