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Donegal 2016 Commemorations


Donegal 2016 Centenary Programme


Donegal 2016 will see an extensive programme of events and activities delivered across the county to commemorate the event of the 1916 Rising, to relfect on our achievements over the last 100 years and to look towards our future. 


Download the Donegal centenary Programme‌‌‌.


Donegal 2016 Programme Full Page 269 x 389



Funding to support inclusive and appropriate community participation in the commemorations of the 1916 Rising. 


County Donegal in 1916: From the Edge


Donegal County Council History and Heritage Education Pack


As part of the 2016 Easter Rising Centenary commemorations Donegal County Council's Archives, Library, Museum and Heritage Office has produced an education pack, a 64 page illustrated booklet giving an overview of the history of the county of Donegal in that year, and 19 facsimiles of archives and photographs with questions and exercises for students.


The printed version of the pack will be available to schools and individuals interested in this subject from late January 2016.


Copyright remains with Donegal County Council, and all other owners of images contained in the pack; and they cannot be reproduced without prior permission. The pack can be printed off and used for schools or for private research.


Donegal in 1916 Study Pack 1‌           Donegal in 1916 Education Pack 2 100 x 144‌              Donegal in 1916 Education Pack 3 100 x 144

Donegal in 1916

Education Pack 1 

Donegal in 1916

Education Pack 2

Donegal in 1916

Education Pack 3


Donegal in 1916 Facsimilie 1 100 x 144


 Donegal in 1916 Facsimilie 2

 Donegal in 1916 Facsimilie 3

Donegal in 1916

Facsimiles 1

Donegal in 1916

Facsimiles 2

Donegal in 1916

Facsimiles 3




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