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TIDE Project - Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism is an Interreg Atlantic Area project

‘Using virtual reality to enhance historical maritime tourist attractions on Europe’s Atlantic Coast’


The TIDE project is a €2.4 million Interreg Area Programme 2014-2020 for Historical Maritime Tourism bringing 7 Atlantic Regions together with a common Maritime dimension & rich in Historical Heritages & Cultures. The TIDE project will use virtual reality technology to link cultural attractions on Europe’s Atlantic.


The TIDE project is led by Lead Partner ERNACT with 7 partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal. The 3-year project (May 2019 -April 2022) is to create sustainable & authentic tourism offerings, based on their shared maritime culture. The project will help address regional challenges in the fields of innovation & competitiveness, resource efficiency, territorial risks & biodiversity.

Donegal County Councillor and Vice Chairperson of the ERNACT EEIG Board of Management, Rena Donaghey, says: “This will help us to utilise Donegal’s excellent maritime history and heritage, exemplified by the dedicated museums at Dunree, Greencastle & Killybegs, to create new visitor attractions that use digital technologies such virtual reality.”


Project partners include:


To learn more about the TIDE project, please visit or contact

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“This project is co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme through the European Regional Development Fund”.

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