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The Planning and Development Act 2000 provides the facility for pre application consultations. In each case a completed Pre planning Application Form must be submitted to the Planning Department, County House, Lifford, Co. Donegal,along with maps plans etc, a failure to submit these documents will result in a delay in processing your application.


Before submitting your application check that maps, layouts and photographs of proposal have been presented. The location should be identified on an Ordnance Survey base.


Please note that:-

  • Site visits are not conducted for pre planning queries for single houses. 
  • Pre planning consultations are not provided where a site is up for auction



A written response will be provided in due course to the majority of pre planning applications.

Meetings may be arranged with the  Municipal District Planner in respect of pre planning applications which fall into one of the following categories:-

  • Proposals of significant social importance.
  • Proposals of significant environmental importance
  • Proposals of employment generating importance
  • Proposals of strategic importance
  • Proposals of significant tourism importance

Pre Planning Meetings will be facilitated during the scheduled planning clinics subject to prior appointment being made with the planner, and the planner being advised as to the pre planning reference number so that the relevant file may be brought to the meeting.

New pre planning applications will be accepted at the meeting however these will not be dealt with on the day, all new pre plannings requests are to be accompanied by a fully completed application form

Details of the scheduled planning clinics can be found here

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